Pre Retirement

“Reading The Wealthy Barber is what initially got me interested in investing.

I was just starting out in my career and spending most of what I earned, but I wanted to start an RSP. I had no idea that my lack of assets made me an unappealing prospect for most investment advisors!

Brett was welcoming, patient and happy to help me get started. He recommended some mutual funds and set up monthly contributions to make it easier for me to set aside small amounts of money rather than a larger lump sum. The regular contributions also took advantage of dollar cost averaging (a term I had never heard before reading The Wealthy Barber!).

Fast forward more than 15 years. I work in the investment industry and am fortunate to meet portfolio managers and advisors as part of my job. When it comes to my personal investments, I rely on Brett’s expertise and guidance. I am very happy with how my portfolio has grown and rely on the financial plan Brett developed to chart the course for what I want to achieve.

Brett understands that I am not looking to make the most money at all costs. I want to have enough money for an early, long and comfortable retirement while still enjoying travel, good cheese, and home décor now. Most importantly, I don’t want to worry about my investments. Brett provides me with great peace of mind.

Brett believes in living now while saving for the future. There have been times when I have asked him if I should invest a certain sum of money or use it for a significant purchase. After weighing the options, he sometimes tells me to enjoy the purchase! Now that’s honesty and understanding the big picture.

Brett’s humility and genuine caring for his clients is why I regard him as extended family and my trusted advisor. I have recommended him to my mother and friends. If you want someone who can help you achieve your goals and treat you well, Brett is who you need.”

– Lynn

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