Financial Planning On Your Terms

Brett’s clients come from every occupation and lifestyle.

They include families saving for retirement, business owners who want to integrate corporate and personal financial planning, busy professionals and executives, and individuals experiencing significant life changes—such as couples starting a family, recent widows and individuals recently downsized.

You won’t need a minimum portfolio to work with Brett; his ideal client is someone who takes their own financial situation seriously, values what Brett does and has a “minimum personality and financial potential.”

While every individual and family is unique, Brett’s clients face similar challenges. Their most common concern is making sure their money lasts their lifetime. Many want to help their families financially. Others want to leave a lasting legacy.

All of Brett’s clients are open to taking advice and value long-term relationships. There is very little turnover in his practice and many clients have worked with Brett since he opened his financial planning practice in 1997.

Find out how to reach your goals with a personalized Life Plan by booking a consultation with Brett today. You can also reach him at (416) 901-6500 ext 23