Financial Planning for Widows

Amid the pain of losing a loved one, widows face a deluge of financial and administrative decisions that affect their future.

The first few months can be overwhelming. After addressing immediate issues, widows must develop a long-term financial plan for their new life.  

If you recently became a widow, Brett can help you take full stock of your current financial condition, prioritize immediate items that require action and, when you are ready, develop a plan that fits your needs, lifestyle and objectives. Together, you’ll examine what your money means to you and what would you like it to do for you.

Brett provides trustworthy, professional financial planning services for widows that include:

Has your world has been turned upside down? You’re not alone. Brett can help. Contact Brett today to arrange an introductory consultation.

Heidi, Widow

“I approached Brett because he had such a comforting personality. I was captured by his rapport when I met him for the first time, probably around the year 2000 in a school where he held a financial seminar.

Brett helped me by feeling at ease with him. The result was that I overcame my shyness and don’t feel so uptight with him.  I found the experience very helpful and I chose him to be my financial planner.

My feeling I had from the start didn’t let me down. Brett provides for me peace of mind and I feel especially cared for. I also got to know his family. His wife Claudia is a sweetheart and I admire and adore Brett and Claudia with how much patience, love, and dedication they bring up their two children, Nydia and Tomas, who need a lot of attention and special care.

I also somewhat like that he comes from a big family.”

  If you’re a widow like Heidi facing similar challenges, get to know Brett.