Financial Planning for Retirees

“Insecure probably is a common sentiment shared by most immigrants landing in a foreign country.

I still remember those early days struggling with familiarization of the new environment, transporting my son between home and school, helping him out with his English homework, and the most difficult part was allocation of our family’s daily expenditures.  Though we believed we had brought sufficient financial assets to Canada, we were uncertain how much we could safely spend.

Everything changed as soon as we entrusted our financial planning to a trustworthy and competent advisor.  Brett was not our first advisor.  The same may apply to some old clients of his as well.

Nevertheless, ever since he took over our account we have had our full trust and faith in him.  We never doubt that he always chooses the right product for us.  He has provided us peace of mind.

Seeing is believing.  When our friends become interested in how we manage our finances and live a care-free life, we are more than happy to refer Brett to them.  Brett and his wife Claudia are such a warm and lovely couple whose friendship we cherish very much.”

– Vivien and Simon

   If you’re a retiree similar to Vivien and Simon, get to know Brett.