Meet Neela Rajkumar, Administrative Assistant

Neela wants to live in a world where the warm summer months last all year round, motorists drive the speed limit, and compassion & humility set the standard for human interactions.

As the administrative assistant in Brett’s office, Neela manages reception, completes trades, liaises with compliance, and handles daily inquiries from clients.

When she’s not running interference for Brett and the rest of the team, Neela enjoys supporting and attending the Caribbean festivals held in Toronto every summer, reading the latest Stephen King novels, walking her two adorable cats, and taking long, scenic drives.

A graduate of York University, Neela holds a BA in Honours Psychology as well as a post-graduate certification in Rehabilitation Services from Seneca College (a designation she earned while studying for her BA).

You can reach Neela at (416) 901-6500 ext 22.