Investment Management for Non-Profits and Religious Organizations

As the financial leader of a religious community, charity, or other type of non-profit, you’re involved because you believe in your organization’s values. 

It’s a rewarding experience. 

Yet you’re likely facing many challenges that have little to do with the good work you’re doing in your community—like balancing financial security with continuing your legacy.

There’s a lot to consider when managing your non-profit’s financial investments. 

Are your investments compliant with your organization’s values and principles? Do you know what you’re paying for investment services? Are professional responsibilities legally compliant with provincial guidelines? 

Working with Brett can help you answer these questions while reducing your worry and minimizing risk.

Here are just some of the ways Brett’s seamless financial planning and investment process can help:

  • Ensures your investment policy aligns with your organization’s values by building a customized portfolio unique to your organization
  • Provides peace of mind by ensuring your organization is legally compliant 
  • Helps you achieve your organization’s goals and vision with a written financial plan
  • Assists in establishing a proper tendering process
  • Maximizes investment returns with competitive fees 

Contact Brett to find out how he can help your non-profit achieve its financial goals. Or call him at his Toronto office at 416.901.6500 ext 23 to arrange a consultation.