No financial planner will care more about you and your family’s money

Brett Langill:
Financial Planner, Toronto Investment Advisor

Brett Langill is a Toronto-based Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Investment Manager, and a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute.

Work with Brett and join a select group of Toronto individuals, families and businesses who put their trust in him and his 20+ years of financial experience. Brett keeps his practice small so you get proactive, personalized financial advice that provides life-long security and peace of mind.

Brett tailors his financial planning services to your individual situation, goals and risk tolerance so you can enjoy the life you’re living and feel confident about your future.  

Take Stock

Working closely with Brett, together you’ll determine how your life goals can become reality. Brett will walk you through a series of questions about your short- and long-term goals.


Design Your Custom Plan

The key to your future is designing a financial plan that’s right for you. This step considers your current situation, desired lifestyle and aligns it with your goals.


Put It Into Action

Your new life begins here. With your plan in action, your short-and long-term financial and life goals are in sight. Brett will keep a watchful eye on assets, ensuring that you can maximize their value.


Adjust as You Go

Life is always changing and your goals may evolve. Brett will regularly meet with you to make adjustments as you achieve your financial goals or modify them along the way.


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